In today’s uncertain economy, many business owners in the manufacturing, retail, and distribution industry are facing challenges. The current environment requires business owners like you, to make changes to your business strategies, adapt to more efficient and leaner cost structures, all while complying with increasingly more demanding regulatory requirements. Income tax regulations continue to be complex and difficult to understand. The goal of maximizing business profits and cash flows is challenged each day. All of these factors make decisions about the direction of your business complicated. Our team of professionals can help you address these challenges and capitalize on opportunities by providing clarity about your industry's tax and audit issues. 

We specialize in providing advice and solutions to complex accounting, advisory, and tax issues specific to the manufacturing, retail, and distribution sector, including:

  • Accounts receivable valuation
  • Inventory valuation
  • Revenue recognition
  • Lease accounting
  • Restructuring accruals
  • Variable interest entities (consolidations)
  • Stock-based compensation
  • LIFO inventory calculations
  • Complex equity structures
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • SSAE 16/SOC 1
  • Uniform Capitalization/Section 263A analysis
  • Repairs and maintenance expense
  • Cost segregation tax issues
  • Sales and use tax issues
  • Multi-state tax planning
  • Federal and state tax credits

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