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Joining HCVT is the difference between building a career vs. having a job. It’s about the opportunity to stand out vs. getting lost in a crowd.

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"I started my career at HCVT right out of college. I was married with a two-week-old son, and the firm really took a chance on me as I needed sponsorship for a working visa as a non-US citizen. In college, I was a student-athlete. The discipline, hard work, and dedication instilled in me as a collegiate athlete helped me develop into the person I am today, both professionally and personally. The exposure to a diverse mix of clients has provided a solid foundation of tax knowledge. The growth of the firm and the type of clients I serve has allowed me to specialize in partnership taxation. I find great reward and satisfaction in my career in public accounting. I am proud to be part of the HCVT family."


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With over 800 team members including over 100 partners and principals, HCVT is the largest CPA firm based in Los Angeles. HCVT is a top 30 public accounting firm in the nation serving our clients locally, nationally, and internationally every day.

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