Businesses at pivotal growth stages have enough to think about without also dealing with capacity issues, evolving financial complexities, and the need for strategic financial guidance. At HCVT, our team of seasoned professionals provides solutions that meet not only your accounting needs, but your business needs as well.

We offer more than just transactional support – our team is your source for strategic and financial planning at every stage of the business life cycle. We work to understand your goals and gaps, diagnosing your needs before they become a problem and ensuring that every step of your financial journey is well-prepared and flawlessly executed.

Our CFO Advisory Services:

  • Corporate Development - Corporate Development is all about seizing opportunities. We assist you in identifying, evaluating, and executing opportunities that will drive your business forward.
    • Carve-Out Planning & Execution
    • Merger Integration Planning & Execution Support
  • Financial Planning & Analysis - Strategic financial planning is paramount for sustainable growth. Our Financial Planning & Analysis services equip you with the tools and strategies you need to navigate complex financial landscapes with confidence.
    • Cash & Liquidity Forecasting
    • Incentive compensation planning
    • Integrated cash-flow modeling
    • Long-term projections
    • Management Reporting
    • Profit analysis (customer/product/division)
    • Strategic Decision Support
  • Investigative Data Analytics - In today's data-driven world, insights are the key to success. Our Investigative Data Analytics services ensure that you have access to the right information at the right time, allowing you to make informed decisions that help you reach your goals. By analyzing 100% of your data instead of sampling, HCVT can detect and quantify fraudulent activity and help prevent future incidents.
    • Accounting Policies and Procedure Assistance and Risk Governance
    • Fraud Detection and High Risk Transaction Review
    • Fraudulent Financial Reporting
    • Internal Control Weaknesses + Segregation of Duties
  • Technical Accounting Advisory - Navigating complex accounting issues requires a deep understanding of the intricacies of financial reporting standards. Our Technical Accounting Advisory services ensure that your financial statements comply with the most stringent requirements.
    • Accounting Standard Changes
    • Audit Readiness
    • Controller Support
    • Finance Process Automation
    • Financial Statement Preparation
    • IPO Readiness
    • Seller Readiness – Accounting Support
    • Seller Readiness – Tax Structuring

Our expertise, tailored to closely held, middle-market organizations, ensures that you are well-prepared for every financial challenge. Whether you're navigating critical growth phases, M&A opportunities, or complex financial matters, we have the proficiency and dedication to see you through.

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