Entrepreneurs and companies face complex issues and difficult decisions when working towards growth through acquisitions or exit strategies for their business. Navigating the complexities of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) requires expertise, and our team is here to guide you through every step of the journey to maximize value.

M&A opportunities tend to move at a faster pace than other business ventures, which is why our seasoned professionals are experienced in moving at "deal speed." We focus on delivering the services you need when you need it most, providing more flexibility than larger firms. And when it comes to support, we have the depth and capabilities to be as involved as your transaction requires, ensuring you don't get lost in the minutiae of M&A while having visibility across the entire deal.

A lot can happen over the course of a merger or acquisition, and our deep knowledge of the deal continuum allows us to gain efficiencies and protect against costly mistakes. Our approach is to diagnose what is needed before entering negotiations, seeking the best outcome for you, not merely performing a service for its own sake.

One area of expertise that isn’t often addressed during a deal is tax planning and structuring. By leveraging the intricacies of tax regulations, we ensure that you get the most out of your M&A transaction, adding cash flow dollars to your bottom line.

From signing the letter of intent (LOI) through the successful close, the mergers and acquisitions professionals at HCVT provide useful insights on matters relevant to the decision-making process. Our approach is customized to meet your specific needs at every stage.

HCVT tailors our services to the unique conditions of sell-side and buy-side clients. We understand that each phase of the M&A process requires distinct strategies, and we're here to guide you through both.

M&A Sell-Side Services

When entrepreneurs consider the sale of their business, sell-side financial and tax due diligence is a pivotal next step. You don’t want to leave money on the table, and appropriate due diligence allows you to enter the deal well-prepared and eliminates potential surprises that a buyer may bring up along the way. At HCVT, we appreciate that a well-executed sell-side due diligence process can be the cornerstone of an efficient and cost-effective transaction.

Our sell-side services are designed to streamline your transaction process. We conduct rigorous due diligence, identifying potential issues and offering solutions to ensure a smooth and efficient sale process. Our M&A expertise minimizes costly delays and maximizes the value of your sale, providing tailored solutions that meet your specific objectives and challenges.

Our sell-side services:

  • Accounting
    • Audit Readiness
    • Financial Statement Preparation
  • CFO Advisory
    • Carve-Out Planning & Execution
    • IPO Readiness
    • Seller Readiness - Tax Structuring
    • Seller Readiness - Accounting Support
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Tax
    • Gross-Up Payments for Additional Taxes
    • Modeling for After-Tax Cash
    • Rollover Equity Opportunities
    • Strategic Tax Review for Opportunities and Exposures
    • Tax Diligence
    • Tax Structuring
    • Transaction Agreement Review
  • Valuation & Modeling
    • Board Advisory
    • Fairness Opinions
    • Financial Deal Modeling
    • Integrated Cash-Flow Modeling
    • Offer Evaluation
    • Strategic Decision Support
M&A Buy-Side Services

In today's fast-paced economy, our M&A buy-side services are designed to help you feel confident about your decisions. We navigate complexities, assess risks, and identify opportunities to secure the best deal for you.

Our team is dedicated to understanding historical performance and predicting future success, ensuring your acquisitions align with your strategic goals and financial objectives. We work collaboratively with all deal participants to understand the financial and tax issues at hand, assuring our client walks away with their best-case scenario.

Our buy-side services:

  • Accounting
    • Agreement Structuring
    • Closing Balance Sheet
    • Draft Disclosures
    • Journal Entries
    • Pre-Close Technical Accounting Support
    • Reconcile to Opening BS
    • Stock Compensation
    • Technical Memos
  • CFO Advisory
    • Merger Integration Planning & Execution Support
  • Financial Due Diligence
    • Analysis of Transaction Costs and Deductions
    • Evaluation of Purchase Agreement Terms
    • Identification of Unrecorded Assets and Liabilities
    • Internal Controls Due Diligence
    • Post-Acquisition Integration Assistance and Transaction Reporting
    • Quality of Earnings Analysis
    • Sustainability of Cash Flow Due Diligence
    • Transaction Agreement Review
    • Transaction Reporting
    • Working Capital Requirement Analysis (Net Working Capital True-up & Dispute)
  • Tax
    • Deferred Tax
    • Strategic Tax Review for Opportunities and Exposures
    • Structuring for Tax Efficiency
    • Tax Due Diligence
    • Tax Expense
    • Tax Opening Balance Sheet
    • Tax Structure Impacts
    • Transaction Agreement Review
    • Trust and Estate Planning
  • Valuation & Modeling
    • Board Advisory
    • Fairness Opinions
    • Financial Deal Modeling
    • Integrated Cash-Flow Modeling
    • Offer Preparation
    • Post-Transaction Equity Compensation Planning
    • Purchase Price Allocation (ASC 805)
    • Solvency Opinions
    • Strategic Decision Support
    • Synergy and Accretion/Dilution Analyses
    • Targeting / Buyer Lists

HCVT brings unparalleled value to your M&A endeavors. We're here to ensure that your M&A journey is not just successful but also a source of financial accomplishment. Your business is unique, and your journey should be equally exceptional.

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