Accounting for income taxes has become increasingly more challenging. Many organizations are finding the highly complex and time intensive calculation of the tax provision and ongoing compliance a strain on limited resources. With increased scrutiny from regulatory agencies and the capital markets, companies must identify, quantify and document uncertain tax positions. At HCVT, our professionals have deep experience providing tax provision assistance. We assist corporations with the preparation or review of income tax provision-accounting for income taxes (ASC 740). We understand the provision process end to end. Viewed as an extension of your tax team, we tailor our services to your specific needs. We work collaboratively with external auditors and understand the need for the tax provision to be reported timely and accurately for you to meet your financial statement reporting requirements.

Our ASC 740 services include:

  • Preparation or review of current and deferred income tax analysis
  • Preparation or review of financial statement footnotes
  • Identify and quantify uncertain tax positions
  • Prepare documentation for key tax accounting positions and processes
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