Web-based tax hub for managing evolving compliance and reporting requirements for alternative investment firms and service providers.

Partnership tax compliance and investor reporting are complex. They are further complicated by changes brought forth by tax reform, inefficient and labor-intensive data collection, manual spreadsheet-based processes, and the lack of real-time analytics. To effectively manage the complexity of multi-tier investment structures and changing compliance and reporting requirements, tax professionals must look to innovative solutions to increase efficiency, mitigate risk, and provide high-quality client deliverables. That solution is Treehouse.

Developed by HCVT, Treehouse is a web-based application that stores book and tax financials in a single source system. Treehouse provides a centralized hub of information that can be utilized throughout the book-to-tax process, providing a streamlined solution to achieve requirements far beyond the scope of traditional spreadsheets. Treehouse delivers strategic value by providing the tools, templates, and framework to optimize the tax compliance process and reduce the time required to meet client reporting and delivery requirements.

Key Features

  • Federal and state partnership tax compliance & reporting: K-1 and periodic estimates
  • Consistent investor reporting and delivery: Automated generation of tax forms, custom schedules
  • Custom client reporting: Activity, federal and state summaries, consolidating entity schedules
  • Tiered allocations: Robust, configurable investor allocations through multi-level investment structures
  • Footnotes and disclosures: Flexible, client-specific, tiered footnotes
  • Risk mitigation and controls: Secure, transparent and auditable data, integrity checks
  • Service and filing status tracking: Customizable tax service tracking and reporting
  • Custom client interfaces & integration: GoSystem, Treehouse - Book or general ledger of choice
  • Flexible licensing: Available as SaaS solution or used in conjunction with HCVT Treehouse and partnership tax compliance service   

Customer Profiles

  • Accounting & tax service providers       
  • Alternative investment accounting & tax teams     
  • Fund administrators     
  • Family offices


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