Investigative Analytics


Organizations are increasingly aware of the risks and financial losses associated with fraud and expense abuse. Through our forensic data analytics, HCVT will help assess, detect, and make recommendations concerning internal control weaknesses and vulnerabilities, asset misappropriation, embezzlement, fraudulent financial reporting, and other instances of fraud. By analyzing accounting, human resource, customer, and vendor data, HCVT will identify suspicious transactions, suspected misconduct, and gaps in the segregation of duties in your control environment. Finally, we will recommend methods to reduce the risk of fraud in the future.

Our areas of experience include:

Expense Management (including cash reimbursements, credit cards, and P-cards)

  • Mischaracterized, fictitious, or overstated expenses
  • Duplicate reimbursements
  • Purchasing limit analysis
  • Business vs. personal purchases

Inventory and Cash Receipts

  • Falsification of requisitions, receiving, and shipments
  • Sales and receivables skimming

Financial Statements

  • Overstatements of revenue/assets
  • Understatements of expense/liabilities
  • Management override of internal controls
  • Unusual general ledger transactions
  • IT user access rights

Accounts Payable and Billing

  • Vendor master file assessment
  • Shell vendors
  • Duplicate payments
  • Check tampering such as missing or voided
  • Related parties and unexpected employee/vendor relationships

Payroll and Timesheets

  • Ghost employees
  • Unauthorized salaries, wages, and commissions
  • Timesheet anomalies
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