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Professional consultants and insurance companies are facing more competition both locally and globally than ever before. Competing on a world stage requires suave business acumen and excellent preparation, which demands that you be focused and free from unnecessary distractions. Financial regulations and tax compliance add extra layers of complexity to an already challenging market place. Both tax planning for consultants and tax planning for insurance companies can be hugely beneficial. Firms and businesses in Los Angeles compete with international competitors all the time. Having your taxes and finances in order takes those burdens off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you do best.

Professional service firms, such as law firms, consulting firms, talent agencies, insurance brokers, and engineering and architectural firms, are facing an increasingly competitive and complex business environment. Firms continue to face significant issues including compliance with professional standards and government regulations, risks associated with domestic and global expansion, talent acquisition and retention, succession planning, innovation, and the need to consider changes in the current business model in order to adapt to these challenges. 

Professional service firms also face many tax and accounting challenges. These include taxation by multiple state jurisdictions, increased scrutiny and reporting related to international tax matters and the responsibility to accurately and timely report financial and income tax related information to partners and stakeholders.

Constant changes in tax regulations and accounting standards require professional service firms to stay informed in a timely manner and understand the related impact on the firm and its stakeholders. We understand these challenges. We work with you to help you stay informed and to navigate tax and accounting issues. Our specialized practice focuses on your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

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