Kevin Beams

Kevin Beams

Senior Staff Accountant
Cal Lutheran University

“I was first introduced to HCVT at an accounting association club meeting while I was an undergraduate student at California Lutheran University. A few members from the Westlake Village office spoke, and I was immediately drawn to the genuine camaraderie between them. I have been an athlete and teammate my entire life, so seeing that kind of chemistry made me feel like I would be a perfect fit for HCVT. I began a summer internship where I soon realized that this sense of community among members of HCVT spread across all offices. During this summer, I had several opportunities to meet many other interns from all of eight southern California offices at intern events. One experience that stood out was the community service event where we built homes for struggling families. It was an amazing opportunity, and the experience opened my eyes to the true commitment that HCVT has for the community and their willingness to give back.

One valuable aspect of my summer internship was being treated as a hired full-time employee vs. just an intern. I was given every type of project you can think of, and I was constantly pushed to do my best. The team supported and encouraged me and were invested in my success. A unique and commendable quality of HCVT is that they have made it their mission to hire character and to train the skill, and this starts at the very top. In this profession, long hours are inevitable, but HCVT makes your time not only manageable but enjoyable by hiring people with high integrity that promotes success.

Since joining HCVT as a full-time team member, I have had so many opportunities to learn and grow. These feeling are shared by many of my coworkers, which is a direct reflection of how HCVT invests time, money, and resources into the people that will be the future of the firm. HCVT realizes that a direct investment in their staff creates a positive culture filled with smart, motivate and enthusiastic people. I have spoken with many professionals in the industry, including friends and peers from larger firms, and I have realized that the community and culture at HCVT are rare. I don’t feel like a spoke in the wheel—I feel like an integral member of the firm’s continuing success. I am honored to work for a company like HCVT. The lessons I have learned and the experiences I have had go beyond accounting and keep me excited about the future.”

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