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At HCVT, we support and celebrate the progression of your career in public accounting. Our goal is to provide you all the tools you need to build a successful career. When you join the firm, you will be assigned a buddy, who will guide you through your first months at HCVT. Your buddy will help you acclimate to the office and assist in helping to answer your day-to-day questions. Core to HCVT is our commitment to mentoring.  You will be assigned a mentor who is part of the firm’s management group. They will share their insights about the profession and help guide your career.

Passing the CPA should be one of your highest priorities—it is one of ours! We provide reimbursement for the CPA exam and provide paid time off for the first time you take each part of the exam. You will have access to CPA review courses at a discounted rate, and when you pass, you may be eligible for a bonus! One of the cornerstones of our firm is our commitment to technical excellence. You will have access to both internal and external training classes. These courses include tax and audit technical training, technology training, and training in a variety of other areas including client service, business development, and effective communication and presentation skills. Our commitment does not stop there. Many of our team members have pursued advanced degrees. We provide tuition reimbursement for a Master of Business Taxation at an accredited institution. Our clients expect technical excellence, and we provide you the opportunity to expand and further develop your skills.

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