Moving forward from the halfway mark of our HCVT internship program, we checked in with our West LA interns to see how they’re enjoying their experience. We heard from one of our interns Nancy, who said that this week she learned how to call for IRS transcripts and how to file CA SMLLC returns. She said that “everyone was really helpful throughout the whole process and I can now complete these simple but important tasks successfully.” Another intern, Allison, learned how to prepare for S Corps using new software. She said her buddy was also super helpful throughout the entire process and willing to answer all of Allison’s many questions. She also said she was very happily surprised that the interns are given the opportunity to work on actual client projects, giving them the chance to see how much work is put into each project from beginning to end. Allison and Nancy, along with the eight other West LA interns, said they are looking forward to working on more complex projects and expanding their experience and knowledge of what it’s like to be an HCVT staff. Additionally, the interns have loved being able to work together in the same conference room, getting to know each other, collaborating, and helping one another in any way that they can!

Amazing work West LA!


Ashley Adams, Business Management Intern
College: UCLA
Fun Fact: LOVES the color pink.

Ian Derr, Tax Intern
College: UCLA
Fun Fact: Has scaled Mt. Whitney four times.

William Fahr, Tax Intern
College: CSU Long Beach
Fun Fact: Got to hand-feed llamas at the top of Machu Picchu.

Nancy Liang, Tax Intern
College: UCLA
Fun Fact: Got a mud bath in Thailand.

Elba Palos, Audit Intern
College: CSU Northridge
Fun Fact: Went to high school in Mexico.

Zachary Park, Audit Intern
College: UCLA
Fun Fact: Loves to rock climb.

Simon Scherer, IT Intern
College: CSU Long Beach
Fun Fact: Always wanted to be a hair model.

Allison Toh, Tax Intern
College: UCLA
Fun Fact: Her and all her siblings studied Economics in college.

Susanna Tovmasyan, Tax Intern
College: CSU Northridge
Fun Fact: She is a major chocolate lover.

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