It seems like summer just started, but we’ve already reached the halfway mark of our summer internship program! We’re calling on our West Los Angeles interns next to grace the social media stage and discuss their experiences so far. More hands-on projects ensued this week, with interns slowly but assuredly building their knowledge within their respective practices. Notable tax projects included filing and inputting Single Member LLC returns (SMLLCs), K-1 and 1099 forms. Along the way, Robert gained useful tips on time management and maintaining a smooth workflow. On the audit side, Christine worked on inputting fixed assets into Sage software and calculating depreciation based on the client’s different tax bases, while Megan worked on Cash, Accounts Payable, Prepaids, and PPEs (Property, Plant, Equipment). Megan said keeping a detailed record of the different audit portions was helpful as she swept through project after project. Her staff “truly cared about her learning experience” and helped her comfortably adjust to her home office, despite having only started four weeks ago as a brand new intern. Questions were always welcome. Jose also mentioned how thoroughly everything was reviewed, with not even a single tax return going unnoticed.

Echoing Amanda’s remark, we cannot believe how fast the program is going! Thank you to our West LA interns for gracefully tackling new challenges this week. We are thrilled to see what our interns will achieve in the latter half.

Megan Ly, Audit Intern
College: UCLA
Fun Fact: Megan was born on Friday the 13th. While she insists she may not be prone to bad luck, she does recall that one time a family of monkeys stole her red bean bun while on a hike in Singapore.

Tran Nguyen, Tax Intern
College: UCLA
Fun Fact: Tran has traveled to 22 different countries in the past five years. 

Robert Clark, Tax Intern
College: CSU Northridge
Fun Fact: Robert has been a creative artist for most of his life. Along with studying and practicing photography, Robert has created both a short and feature-length film. 

Jose Ortiz, Tax Intern
College: San Diego State University
Fun Fact: Jose can juggle.

Amanda Ro, Tax Intern
College: UCLA
Fun Fact: Amanda was on several dance teams in college, practicing until midnight in the UCLA parking lots every week. While they didn’t compete, they did perform in a showcase at the end of the quarter.

Christine Weyers, Audit Intern
College: California Lutheran University
Fun Fact: Visiting her family proves to be quite a challenge! It takes Christine an 11-hour flight to Zurich, then a 7-hour layover and another 10-hour flight to Johannesburg.

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