Week six of our Summer Internship takes us to our Orange County office located in Irvine, California. This office houses nine interns, our largest group between all of our 13 offices! Here’s what our interns have had to say about their experience so far.

Alec and Evan have been exposed to numerous Audit and M&A work in their short time at the firm. Alec spent this past week learning how to perform initial audit procedures for cash balance reconciliation test work. Evan, on the other hand, learned how to use risk assessment workpapers to determine which inventory items are statistically significant enough to test individually, and which inventory groups to randomly sample from. 

Additionally, our Irvine office is unique as well for housing our International Tax department. Marissa has been busy this week working on returns for clients who earn income abroad. For example, she’s been working on returns that include Form 5471, 8858, and W8-BEN-E that help to determine US tax liability of US citizens who own entities in foreign countries such as Denmark.

The Federal Tax team makes up most of the population of this office. Jack has realized how social a job in tax can be as he and his fellow interns have been bonding through the use of office perks such as the in-house Nintendo Switch, ping-pong table, barbecue patio, and gym. When the interns aren’t attending Fun Committee events, they’re brushing up on their technical tax skills. Angel, Molly, and Vlad have been assigned to projects where they have been learning about the tax treatment of distributions from a corporation and loss limitations of passive activities. They’ve gained a valuable understanding of how investment income flows up from entity to entity eventually reaching upper tiers and individual partners. Our other interns, Adam and Shadi, have been brushing up on their tax software skills. They’ve been using GoSystems to fill out various section 179 and bonus depreciation schedules in order to depreciate large assets such as planes.

In all, our OC interns have described this internship experience as a great learning and bonding opportunity where everyone has been approachable to the point where they all hang out before and after work as well! HCVT is glad to be able to expose our interns to our innovative and forward-thinking firm culture where we value not only a high standard of client service but a balanced work environment as well!

Jack Bowler, Tax Intern
College: Cal Poly SLO
Fun Fact: Has lived on a big ranch all throughout college.

Alec Garton, Audit Intern
College: BYU (Undergrad), USC (Graduate)
Fun Fact: Loves playing music. Can play the piano, clarinet, and the drums

Vladimir Hernandez, Tax Intern
College: CSU Fullerton
Fun Fact: Won a scholarship of $5,000 by competing in a video game.

Shadi Hemmati, Tax Intern
College: CSU Fullerton
Fun Fact: Was a figure skater for 12-years.

Evan Mackie, Audit Intern
College: BYU
Fun Fact: Has been to over ten countries.

Molly Premo, Tax Intern
College: CSU Long Beach
Fun Fact: Has been to over ten countries.

Angel Romero, Tax Intern
College: CSU Long Beach
Fun Fact: Is an adrenaline junky! Ask him how...

Adam Shapiro, Tax Intern
College: CSU Fullerton
Fun Fact: Used to have dreadlocks and play drums in a reggae band.

Marissa Van Malderen, International Tax Intern
College: CSU Long Beach
Fun Fact: Is half Korean and half Belgian

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