Hiring & Equipment Credits / EZ Studies

State Enterprise & Federal Zone Information

There are 42 Enterprise Zones located throughout California. All businesses that are located in an Enterprise Zone are eligible for program benefits. Some of the cities that have Enterprise Zones are: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Wilmington, Compton, South Gate, Santa Ana, Pasadena, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Fresno, and many more. California also has seven Federal incentive zones.

Benefits under the EZ program include: 1) up to $13,000/ per employee/ per year hiring credit, 2) sales and use tax credits up to 10.25% of manufacturing/ processing/ technology/ pollution and energy control equipment. 3) favorable financing incentives for lenders and borrowers, 4) enhanced contract bidding, and 5) more liberal asset expensing provisions.

Our average client savings is $250,000. These programs can take a high-tax state and turn it into a low-tax state.

Federal Tax Credits

In addition to state credits available in California and other states, we can also identify federal tax credits (Empowerment Zone, Indian Tribal Lands, Renewal Community, and WOTC/WtW), which range from $1,500 to $8,500 per qualified employee, for your business. Unlike many “boutique” firms, once the credits have been quantified, we also have the expertise to help you maximize the utilization of the credits at both the entity and equity-holder levels. We have developed a number of planning techniques to maximize refunds and utilize future credits.

HCVT is the leading tax incentive CPA firm in the state, the largest CPA firm headquartered in Southern California, and has been performing incentive credit studies for two decades. We have built a solid reputation in assisting taxpayers and their CPA’s in documenting EZ and other state and federal benefits. Our partners have assisted in drafting EZ legislation, and regularly work with the FTB and local cities in managing their EZ programs. Our fee structure is fair and flexible.

If you’re interested in speaking with a specialist, contact Blake Christian or Victor Gonzales at (562) 590-9535.